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As a social studies teacher for a school district in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, I love writing, history, and education; all of which came together for my first novel, The Gilded Sanctum.

I began my teaching career twenty-five years ago at a public school in Virginia, not far from the fictional academy in his story. Having lived and worked in the area for several years, I was intimately familiar with the state’s rich Civil War history, which provided the perfect backdrop for this mystery.

My second novel, The Tenant, takes place a little closer to home in northwest Philadelphia and was inspired by a friend's true story of an unruly tenant. Although my friend had never considered murder, we decided it was an intriguing premise for a psychological thriller.

I also write an online news publication called MILLENNIUM. With original articles and commentary as well as a weekly newsletter, I attempt to make sense of today's headlines in the context of tomorrow's history.

I currently live in Warrington, Pennsylvania with my wife and four children.



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